Goals and objectives of Association of oncologists of Uzbekistan

Goals of Association of oncologists of Uzbekistan

According to Regulations of AOUZ, p.2.1.

  • coordination of scientific and practical activities of oncologists;
  • providing necessary conditions for the development of theoretical and practical medicine and implementation by Association’s members of their scientific potential;
  • protection of legal, professional, civil, social, intellectual and other interests;
  • establishing and promotion of the professional and scientific relations with other national medical societies and specialists, International scientific relationships.


Objectives of Association of oncologists of Uzbekistan

According to Regulations of AOUZ, p.2.2.

Association of oncologists of Uzbekistan:

  • defines the general directions of development of national Oncology, organizes scientific-research activities;
  • develops proposals and recommendations to the relevant organizations, as well as effective and practical plans for the development of the national healthcare system in the part relating to;
  • participates in improving jf providing of healthcare services to the population and scientific and researches activities;
  • provides scientific, methodological and practical assistance in organization of effective healthcare system in the sphere of oncology;
  • implements International scientific, practical, technical and medical achievements and best International practice in the National healthcare system;
  • participates in creation and implementation of the modern and effective methods of diagnosis;
  • promotes and popularizes the modern and best achievements and news of medical science in the sphere of oncology;
  • improves skills, expands and enriches the specialization of its members;
  • assists to improve qualifications, enriches the specialization and popularizes and deliver modern methods and methodologies to the students, teachers and doctors of higher and secondary special medical institutions, Institutions of post-graduate medical education;
  • organizes, holds and participates in the scientific and practical congresses, conferences, symposiums, seminars, work-shops, round-tables and exhibitions;
  • forwards the Association’s members, specialists, graduate and undergraduate students of medical Institutions to educate and improve qualifications in foreign medical educational establishments and International scientific organizations;
  • organizes publishing activities, publication of a specialized journal, monographs, scientific publications;
  • organizes exhibitions and competitions to find and select best innovative theoretical, practical and medical ideas and resolutions, modern equipments and technologies;
  • organizes activity in the educational, informative and recommendative directions.